Thomas Robsahm Takes On A-HA

Updated: Apr 9

Thomas Robsahm, Director of the just-released documentary, a-ha THE MOVIE, is our guest this week.

Depending on where you live in the world, the band a-ha may be considered an 80s one-hit wonder band, but that is simply not the case. a-ha is still one of the best-selling live bands in the world. They've released ten albums, and eight of them hit number one in their home country of Norway, and sold nearly 100 million copies.

Thomas is also the Producer of The Worst Person in The World, a surprise breakout movie that received two Oscar nominations this year; one for Best International Feature, and one for Best Original Screenplay.

It's a lot to discuss as Thomas Robsahm steps into the What Difference Does It Make Podcast virtual studio.

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