Vintage Records


Music as featured on the WDDIM podcast

Nick Egan Playlist

Songs Nick loves and has worked on.  He did the covers for The Clash, Malcolm McLaren and INXS. 

Glen Sobel Influences

Personally selected songs that have had a big impact on Glen's drumming. 

Craig Rosen Influences

The songs that helped shape the world for music journalist Craig Rosen. 

KROQ 1983 Playlist

The top 106.7 songs played on LA's KROQ in 1983.  Sadly, Robert Roll "The Dog Boat" #106.7, Burning Sensations "Belly Of The Whale #103 and Jimmy The Hoover "Tantalize" #64 are missing. 

The Pandoras/The Muffs

Some of our favorite songs from Melanie Vammen, Karen Basset, Sheri Kaplan Weinsten, Paula Pierce and Kim Shattuck


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