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Dave and Holly started this podcast to talk all things 80s, but mostly music. Since then, they’ve branched out into the 70s and 90s on occasion, and even into the 2000s, when they’re feeling it. But their true passion is for the music played on the World-Famous KROQ in Los Angeles in the 1980s. They’ve welcomed a wide variety of guests into their studio….musicians, authors, film directors, producers, radio personalities...turns out there is a collective passion for the music of the 80s!


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Dave Sloan is a true Valley boy. Born in the San Fernando Valley and raised on the So Cal sounds from 70s AM pop to 80s AOR and College Radio. His first radio job was a week after legendary LA  Rock station KMET changed formats to Smooth Jazz 947, The WAVE.  After a brief stay in New York, working at a Day to Day Manager for legendary artists Max Roach, Cecil Taylor and Dizzy Gillespie, Dave was wooed back to LA by his connections at The WAVE to join up with a Satellite Music Network and from there, took up residence as the Rock Music Director at DMX.  It was through his work, interviewing artists like Pat Benatar and Graham Nash for the DMX Listening Room, that he realized this might be something he'd like to do as a full time career.  Fortunately, podcasts were invented and now Dave's wish has come true.


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Holly Cantos, while born in NY, and currently residing on LA’s Westside, is proud of her San Fernando Valley roots. Her love of music and radio started early, beginning in the 70s with Donny Osmond and 93KHJ. After studying Communications...and meeting college, Holly landed her first job in radio syndication, made a pit-stop at a Spanish-language network (had to keep up the Spanish!), and then as VP of Marketing at CMI, where she helped develop successful TV marketing campaigns for radio stations on a global scale. She still loves radio, AND the music she heard on KROQ in the 80s, especially, but not limited to, U2 and The Cure, and gives Dave full credit for the brilliant idea of a podcast devoted to this musically-perfect decade.

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