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Richard Blade Talks Up Imposters

Congratulations are in order for Richard Blade. Los Angeles Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez will introduce a resolution declaring June 9, 2023, “RICHARD BLADE DAY," with the award presented on JUNE 6th for the best-selling author, world-renowned on-air personality and radio show host.

It turns out Richard Blade may just be an "Imposter". Los Angelenos know him as the voice that introduced a generation to bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, INXS, and The Cure. In fact, you can still hear him seven days a week on SiriusXM's 1st Wave channel. However, the truth is that Richard Blade is ALSO a writer...and a good one at that. His latest book is Imposters, based on the true story of Mike Evans and John "JT" Thomas". Mike was one half of the morning show at KROQ in the early 80s. It was Mike that sat Richard down and told him this incredible story that Richard felt compelled to share with the world. It was a real treat to have Richard enter our virtual studios and we discovered so much more than we expected of his own unique story. As Richard might say, "It's gonna be great!"

Check out the audible version of Richard Blade's memoir "World In My Eyes" with a free month subscription courtesy of your friends at What Difference Does It Make.



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