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KROQ 1984 Countdown with Mike Marrone

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

You might know Mike Marrone as the guy that created and hosted The Loft for SiriusXM for 17 years. He first established a name for himself in 1984 at Your Rock Alternative FM 106.3 WHTG, a free form rock station in New Jersey. And so, Mike is the perfect guest as we analyze the top 106.7 songs played on KROQ in Los Angeles back in 1984. This week we take apart songs 100 to 91. Mike says there are two types of songs, "Stuff you like and stuff you don't". As you would expect, he holds nothing back. We have a great time talking about Mike's early days and now you can listen to him on his internet radio show, FROM THE BASEMENT at

The 1984 KROQ chart can be found on our music playlists page

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