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John Lennon 1980

Updated: Feb 7

Like many significant moments in our lives, we remember where we were when we heard the devastating news about John Lennon. We tell our stories and then turn it over to a couple people that surrounded the event of December 8. Mark Goodman was on the air on New York radio station WPLJ on the evening of December 8, 1980 and photographer Bob Gruen was a family photographer for the Lennon family, capturing John and Yoko during the recording of Double Fantasy. We also talk with author Tim English. His new book "John Lennon: 1980 Playlist" does a deep dive into the music that captured John's attention in the year he created his new album after a five year self-imposed hiatus.

If you'd like to hear the music that inspired John, we have a Spotify playlist on our playlist page.

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