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Dennis Constantine, Adult Rocker

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Dennis Constantine is a radio visionary. Finding himself at a new radio station, he saw a niche in a market filled with rock radio stations. Instead of cutting down the music library to a small playlist of songs, he focused on introducing new music and deeper cuts by well-loved artists. Yes, this was rock music for adults. Dennis built KBCO from a low-power Boulder station to the number one station in the Denver market, with a unique mix of music and personalities attuned to the Colorado audience. Soon he was using his skills to create radio stations nationwide.

You can hear him currently on Arizona's Adult Alternative KVNA, as he continues to consult radio stations around the country. Today, Dennis enters our virtual studio to discuss his career, and to offer his opinion on songs 70 to 61 from the 1986 KROQ year-end playlist.

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