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Darren Brady-Harris And The Music From 1984

Updated: Jan 4

Darren Brady-Harris gained fame as nerdy Cliff in the iconic 80s teen movie, 16 Candles. He's also one of the most passionate music fans we've ever met. This makes him the perfect guest, as we count down songs 10 to 1 from the KROQ 1984 year- end chart. Could Echo & The Bunnymen possibly be a better band than U2? Who's better: English Beat or General Public? Is it possible that Welcome to The Pleasure Dome by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Run-DMC's debut were better than Purple Rain? All will be revealed, as well as how a kid sitting in the front row of a movie screening was selected to be the best friend to John Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall in a John Hughes film.



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