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Brad Savage bringing Akron Quality Rock

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Brad Savage is a self-described radio nerd, traversing the United States sharing his love of music via his love of radio. He's been with REV105 and KTCZ in the Twin Cities. Moved to Columbia, Missouri to program The Buzz and 102.3 KBXR. This led to Madison, Wisconsin and WMAD, when it was an Alternative rock station, and then on to WQKL "107one" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He launched The Corner 106.1 WCNR in Charlottesville, Virginia, before finally landing at The Summit in Akron. He's always said "It's all about the music", so now Brad faces his toughest challenge, which is reviewing songs #90 - #81 on the 1985 year-end chart from KROQ in Los Angeles.



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