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Bob Waugh Dares To Be Different

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Bob Waugh's radio career brought him to the best of the best radio stations at the perfect time. When the excitement of New Wave first struck New York in the 80s, Bob was spinning records at "Dare To Be Different" WLIR on Long Island, just outside New York City. In the early 90s, when Alternative music became pop music, Bob was in charge at WHFS in Washington DC. He recently wrapped up the "first leg" of his career at WRNR in Annapolis, where he was able to play his favorite classic songs while still letting listeners in on new music discovery. Bob steps into our virtual studio to talk about the crazy turns his career has taken, and then we all settle in to talk about the year 1985, and songs #50 to #41 on the KROQ year-end chart.

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